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How to Avoid Common HVAC Scams

hvac scams bailey coLet's face the fact that not every air conditioning and heating contractor is as honorable as the team here at Ponderosa Heating and Air-Conditioning. Some less than scrupulous so-called pros out there are aware that you have little to no knowledge of an HVAC system, other than the basics of how it works. They may use this against you and to their own advantage, in order to make more money.

Here are some tips to avoid common HVAC scams in Evergreen and Conifer, Colorado and surrounding areas.

Here are some red flags to be aware of:

  • Claiming to replace a part but not really doing it. Before allowing a company you are not familiar with to replace a part, do your research. Make sure they have good reviews and no complaints that should raise concern. If need be, physically watch them replace the part.
  • Being shown a part and told “this is the problem.” This is especially concerning if the part looks hardly used or worn. It never hurts to get a second opinion.
  • The oversized AC unit. The benefit of this for the contractor is that they can charge more for the unit and the labor. Unfortunately, it will also cost you a lot more to operate the system. This is often hard to detect until it is too late. Another situation where a second opinion could be beneficial.
  • Too many air conditioner or heating tune-ups. The tune-up is tricky because many homeowners are hard to sell on the idea, in the first place. However, then you have some homeowners being talked into having one every season, or more. Twice a year is good, and necessary. Even if your system is older there is not much need for increased frequency. So if a contractor suggests checking because they worked on it, they should be willing to do a follow up visit, at no additional cost.

Find a Reputable Expert

The smartest way to avoid HVAC scams is to work with a trustworthy heating and air conditioning company. Locals have been relying on the pros here at Ponderosa Heating and Air-Conditioning since 2004. The flawless reputation that we have established was built upon a solid foundation of honesty and integrity.

You won't find any scams with Ponderosa Heating and Air-Conditioning. call 720-470-1133 or complete our online request form for quality service from professionals you can trust.

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