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The Benefits Of Furnace Tune Ups In Evergreen and Conifer

Evergreen and Conifer furnace tune upsHopefully, you've had your furnace tune up done earlier this year during the fall season. If not, you could suffer from an unexpected breakdown or higher than normal energy bills. It's still not too late to give your furnace some maintenance, but if there's no time and you do wind up with no heat this winter, you could be suffering needlessly.

At Ponderosa Heating and Air Conditioning, we help Evergreen and Conifer homeowners with preventative furnace tune ups and maintenance all the time. We are fully licensed and insured professionals who take pride in the work we do. Whether you need some preventative maintenance, a furnace replacement, or heating repair service, we are here to help.

Furnace tune ups should be a part of regular maintenance, but not may homeowners realize this. This affordable service is very beneficial for the heating service equipment in your house, and in turn, for you.

The Furnace Tune Up - Yearly Maintenance

While more regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that a furnace stays in good shape, the yearly furnace tune up is a vital preventative service. The tune up gets the furnace ready to work hard before you need to use it for the coming cold season. It's important to get certain parts cleaned, adjusted, lubricated, and tested.

The prime time for furnace tune ups is passed, but it's not too late to get it done. Call us for a tune up today so we can prepare your furnace for the rest of the winter.

Avoiding Furnace Repairs & Energy Wastage This Winter

Some furnace problems are obvious, like whining noises or no heat. But, there are some problems that go unnoticed.

For instance, the flame may be burning red, orange, yellow, green, or purple. This is an indication that the combustion aspect of the furnace is inefficient. While an imminent breakdown is unlikely, you will have higher energy bills to heat your home. Plus, problems with the flame could also indicate potentially harmful toxic air inside your home.

Problems like this will be recognized during the tune up. The service technician will check and test for all sorts of other problems that you wouldn't know to look for. This minimizes the need for furnace repairs during the heating season and helps the efficiency of the equipment.

If you have questions or need help with Furnace Tune Ups in the Evergreen and Conifer area, call Ponderosa Heating and Air Conditioning at 720-470-1133 or complete our online request form for quality service from professionals you can trust.

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