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Furnace Installation Services

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If you are searching for a reliable professional furnace installation service in Evergreen and Conifer, Colorado area, call Ponderosa Heating and Air Conditioning.

A new furnace installation is essential to making your home a comfy, safe and secure place. Winters here can be awfully brutal, so making sure that the heat functions correctly is about comfort and safety.

Our name is synonymous with reliable heating and air conditioning service. Our focus is on making sure you have the heating equipment you need in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

This is why it's so important that the furnace installation or replacement is done correctly and quickly.

Our Baily heating experts would be happy to take your call, answer your questions, and provide an estimate.

  • Fully licensed, insured, & certified
  • We honor our equipment warranties
  • Dedicated to your complete satisfaction
  • Furnace installations
  • Gas conversions
  • Maintenance & repairs

Need Gas Furnace Installation?

Our heating professionals are skilled and licensed gas fitters, so there's no problem for us to install a gas fueled furnace for you. Our team can also service your new unit when it comes time for testing and maintenance. We can even help you with gas fireplace service and repair.

  • Gas Furnace Installation
  • Electric Furnace Installation
  • Split System Furnace Installation

Your Furnace Installation Pros

Since 2004, Ponderosa Heating and Air Conditioning has been the leading provider in Colorado furnace installations. We feel a tremendous sense of pride in the work that we carry out and it shows in the results that we leave behind. We leave our customers happy and satisfied.

The comfort and safety of you and your family are our top priority. We work closely with you to ensure that you make the smartest decision when it comes to the furnace you select. Of course, this includes taking into consideration important details like the size of the unit for the size of the space and energy efficiency.

Our professional technicians use the latest in innovative technology to guarantee that your furnace is installed correctly and is in top working order.

We then guide you through the steps of the process we will be taking. As the owner of the new equipment, you deserve to at least be aware of exactly what we will be doing during the furnace installation. And when the need for maintenance, tune ups, repair, and replacement arises, we will be there for that as well.

Why Choose Us For Furnace Installation?

The installation of a new furnace must be done correctly from the moment the equipment is recommended to the homeowner to the final testing after the installation. The right type and size of furnace should be installed or there will be problems heating the home effectively. When the heating equipment is too large or too small, the machinery won't function right.

Our heating technicians are highly skilled at furnace installation. We'll make sure that the system is of the right size and type and that the layout is properly designed. Whether we are replacing an old HVAC system or installing a new one, you can count on our expertise and efficient service. Let's go over some furnace options. We'll assess the size and layout of your home and suggest the right heating options. Call today for your consultation! We look forward to meeting you!


For quality furnace installation in Evergreen and Conifer, CO and the surrounding areas, please call Ponderosa Heating and Air-Conditioning at 720-470-1133 or complete our online request form.

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