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HVAC Tips from Todd, Local Heating & Air Conditioning Expert

Check out the most recent articles from Ponderosa Heating and Air-Conditioning for HVAC tips and more from your local heating and air conditioning expert, Todd Hutchcroft.

Gas Furnace

Gas Furnace Pros and Cons

So, you’re looking into getting a new heating unit, are you? Perhaps you’ve considered a gas furnace -- but is one right for you? … Read More

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Keep Your Heating Unit Running Dependably by Following These Steps

Your heating unit is one of the most important installations within your Evergreen, CO, home. What's more, it's also one of the most expensive installations in your home, costing many thousands of dollars to install and replace. For these reasons, you'll want to be sure your heating unit continues running reliably for years to come … Read More

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Look Out for These Common Signs of Air Conditioning Issues

Air conditioning problems are inevitable, but that doesn't mean that you have to be blindsided by a sudden lack of air conditioning. Instead, you can simply know and look out for some of the common signs of air conditioning issues so that you can get a jump on the repair work before an air conditioning breakdown gets a jump on you. … Read More

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The Benefits Of Furnace Tune Ups In Evergreen and Conifer

Hopefully, you've had your furnace tune up done earlier this year during the fall season. If not, you could suffer from an unexpected breakdown or higher than normal energy bills. It's still not too late to give your furnace some maintenance, but if there's no time and you do wind up with no heat this winter, you could be suffering needlessly. At Ponderosa Heating and Air Conditioning, we help Evergreen and Conifer homeowners with preventative furnace tune ups and maintenance all the time … Read More

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Heating Repairs And Replacement Options For Your Home

Sometimes your HVAC system goes down and there is nothing you can do but replace the equipment. One of the best ways to avoid having to do this on an emergency basis is to keep your HVAC systems maintained throughout the year. Most heating and air professionals will have maintenance plans or less formal maintenance services that will help your system stay in good repair. Your heating system is made up of many parts, just like any machine that needs tune-ups … Read More

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How to Avoid Common HVAC Scams

Let's face the fact that not every air conditioning and heating contractor is as honorable as the team here at Ponderosa Heating and Air-Conditioning. Some less than scrupulous so-called pros out there are aware that you have little to no knowledge of an HVAC system, other than the basics of how it works. They may use this against you and to their own advantage, in order to make more money. Here are some tips to avoid common HVAC scams in Evergreen and Conifer, Colorado … Read More

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What it Means to Get Furnace and Gas Fireplace Work in Higher Elevations

There are a number of things that are unique about living in Evergreen and Conifer, Colorado. Mountain living is enjoyable, but there are also factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to adapt. One of those is the fact that gas fueled heating systems operate differently in higher elevations. So whether you are new to the area or have lived here all of your life, here are a few things you should know about altitude and gas heating systems … Read More

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