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Gas Furnace Pros and Cons

Gas FurnaceSo, you’re looking into getting a new heating unit, are you? Perhaps you’ve considered a gas furnace -- but is one right for you? There’s only one way to know if one is, and that’s to know what the major pros and cons of this installation. What are those pros and cons, though?

You can figure that out by reading on. In this article, we’ll list off some of the major draws and drawbacks that you can expect from this heating unit. By the end of it, you should have a pretty clear idea whether a gas furnace is the right heating option for your home in the Evergreen area.

Gas Furnace Cons

While gas furnaces are, by and large, regarded as one of the premier heating options on the market, they are not without their drawbacks. Rest assured, though, there are only a couple of major drawbacks. Still, it is worth noting the following:

  • Indoor Air Issues
    Your indoor air quality may suffer because of a gas furnace and its combustion-based design. Since clean indoor air quality is necessary for maintaining excellent health, you may want to look to another heating option if you’re particular about your indoor air.
  • High Upfront Cost
    Those indoor air issues are relatively minor, though -- as well as relatively easy to fix. What you can’t fix, unfortunately, is the oftentimes high upfront cost of a gas furnace. If you’re shopping with a budget in mind, you may want to check out lower-cost options first.

Gas Furnace Pros

Those cons weren’t so bad, now, were they? If you think you can power through them, you’ll find a lot more to love than hate in a gas furnace. After all, with this heating option, you’ll get to enjoy these great benefits:

  • Top-Notch Heating
    At the end of the day, why do you want a furnace in your home? To warm it when the weather’s cold, obviously. When it comes to your heating needs, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than a gas furnace thanks to its immediate and thorough heat output.
  • Long Service Life
    A heater at any price is going to put you back quite a bit with regard to your budget, so you should accept only an option that will give you years of use. With that in mind, you’ll find plenty to love in a gas furnace thanks to its build quality that ensures a long service life.
  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements
    That build quality will pay off in another way: by reducing your need for heating repairs. A quality gas furnace will go strong through many winters of hard use, making it a great investment over the long haul.

Call Our Evergreen Area Heating Contractors for Your Gas Furnace Needs

If you think the pros far outweigh the cons that a gas furnace has to offer, you need to call the pros at Ponderosa Heating and Air Conditioning. Our experienced heating contractors have the know-how and the resources to meet all of your gas furnace needs, and we will ensure that you’ll fully enjoy the benefits this heating unit has to offer.

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